Beverly Hills Police Accuse Vic Mensa Of Stealing From Barneys

Beverly Hills Police Accuse Vic Mensa Of Stealing From Barneys

BHPD detained Vic Mensa yesterday on suspicion of stealing after the rapper and his friends spent over $4000 in Barneys. After exiting the department store and entering his car to leave, Mensa and crew were asked to step out of the car as police questioned him about his shopping spree. He believes he was racially profiled and his detainment was brought on by the ongoing perception of black men as criminals. Mensa has been outspoken against police violence, racism, and Donald Trump in and out of the booth, and even via his clothing as of late. And he didn’t hold anything back with police either, snapping live with all sorts of words for the officers holding him and his crew. Sample venom: “That’s the craziest part about it, I went and bought some ill Saint Laurent boots, some more shit from Barneys, and we get all pulled out the fucking car and get accused of stealing. And on top of that, they don’t even know what they think we stole.” Watch a video collection of his snaps during the incident below.

This isn’t the first time Barneys has been tied to racial issues as they’ve already had to shell out $525,000 for profiling, which prompted Jay-Z to make this statement a couple years ago.

I’m definitely staying out of Barneys, they can probably smell that I’m broke and I don’t need this. I wonder if Vic was copping any of these wildly expensive shirts though.

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