Britney Spears Fans Demand Release Of “Pointless” Original “Make Me…” Video

Britney Spears Fans Demand Release Of “Pointless” Original “Make Me…” Video

Britney Spears originally tapped famed photographer/director David LaChapelle to helm the music video for her new G-Eazy collab “Make Me…,” but ended up scrapping his version in favor of a new video by Randee St. Nicholas — for one of two different reasons, depending on whom you ask. TMZ reports that sources connected with LaChapelle say that Britney’s team rejected the video “because they felt it was too sexy,” whereas Britney’s team say they rejected the video because “it was utterly disjointed … pointless with no story line.”

But Britney fans apparently don’t think it was pointless! As Vulture points out, a petition addressed to Britney’s label demanding the release of the original video has already amassed over 9000 signatures. “Since the music video for Britney Spears’ lead single, ‘Make Me…’ to her new album Glory has been released, we Britney fans find that the music video is not a suitable representation of the song and we are calling for the original video to be released,” the petition reads. “(Yes, we know there was a video shot by David LaChapelle before this one, parts of it have already leaked). We ask that RCA Records/Sony Music Entertainment release the original video that was filmed by David LaChapelle for the song.”

A leaked clip of LaChapelle’s fitness-themed video depicts shirtless hunks pole-dancing next to a pet leopard and Britney throwing a TV out a window. (The TV then lands in a pool where it plays footage of G-Eazy rapping.) Watch that, which looks a bit like unused footage from Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise, and compare it to the final product below.

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