24 People Treated After Eating Free Edibles At “The Last Weekend On Earth” Fest

Two dozens fans were treated at Ohio’s EST Fest, headlined by Machine Gun Kelly and billed as “The Last Weekend On Earth,” after accidentally eating too many free edibles. As the AP reports, a man wearing a marijuana leaf t-shirt began tossing out packages of colorful THC-laced candies on festival grounds yesterday morning. Each bag contained about 20 pieces and was labeled “prescribed medibles” and “keep out of reach of children.” Officials say that each piece had “a very, very high dose of THC” and only one or two candies would get you nice and high, but some concertgoers were stupidly consuming whole bags at a time, perhaps thinking it was regular candy. Twenty-four of those people were transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance and treated with the overdose antidote naloxone.

Although early reports suggested that festival attendees “overdosed” on THC, that’s not really accurate, since it’s pretty much impossible to overdose on THC. As Lt. Joe Petrycki, commander of the METRICH regional drug task force, clarifies: “They didn’t lose consciousness. They just felt different.”

So basically, a bunch of people got really really high and freaked out.

UPDATE: The man allegedly responsible for the THC-laced candies, Matthew Lee Gross of Ypsilanti, MI, has been arrested on a felony drug-trafficking charge.