Theophilus London Arrested Following Dispute With Cab Driver

Theophilus London was arrested in New York City last night following a dispute with a cab driver, according to a series of tweets that the musician sent out yesterday. Apparently, London was on his way to see the new Sharon Jones documentary and, after arriving at the IFC Center where it was playing, his taxi driver would not make change for his $100 bill. “So he tried to keep my hundred while screaming in face , so I gave him 5 mins to make change,” London tweeted. “After I counted down to 1, I took his phone and smashed it into 900 pieces , then I ran into the IFC MOVIE cinema and the cops ran up on me . Haha. Couldn’t buy a movie in time.”

London was released from jail soon after, but not before tweeting that he was “to sexy for jail” and that he was “so sexy they allowed me to tweet.” The night ended with a video of him leaving the station and saying goodbye to the officer at the front desk. Check out the tweets below.