Jack – “The Look”

Jack – “The Look”

Brittany Costa started making music this year under the moniker Jack as a way to let go. After spending her first few years in New York working in the theater and performing arts, Costa began writing music in order to process the death of a loved one. What resulted was a series of songs she recorded in Vergennes, VT alongside Nick Dooley of the Brooklyn-based punk band Flagland. “The Look” is one of those songs, and it will be included on Jack’s debut EP Resting Places, which is due out next week by way of Steakhouse Records. Though it’s helpful to know that Resting Places is a meditation on grief, it’s not really something that needs explaining with “The Look” as an introduction. Costa’s narrator initiates her song as a caregiver (“I held your mouth inside my palms/ I caught the upchuck of your lunch/ I laid a towel across your head”), before she plunges into self-reckoning. “I walk alone at night/ I am not afraid to fight,” she sings, her voice cracking as it rises. “I’d be fucked if I didn’t try/ I am not afraid to die.” Listen below.

The Resting Places EP is out 8/16 via Steakhouse Records.


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