The Dean Ween Group – “Mercedes Benz”

Dean Ween started the Dean Ween Group a few years after his main gig with Ween officially called it quits back in 2012. Even though the band are back together now, Dean is still continuing on with his solo venture. The Dean Ween Group will release their debut album, The Deaner Album, in October. “I got inspired about two years ago when I started this band and it hasn’t dried up yet,” Ween said in a statement. Lead single “Mercedes Benz” is a crunchy, funky testament to that fact, and it clocks in at over 7 minutes. Listen below.

01 “Dickie Betts”
02 “Exercise Man”
03 “Bundle Of Joy”
04 “Charlie Brown”
05 “Shwartze Pete”
06 “I’ll Take It And Break It”
07 “Garry”
08 “You Were There”
09 “Bums”
10 “Gum”
11 “Nightcrawler”
12 “Mercedes Benz”
13 “Tammy”
14 “Doo Doo Chasers”

The Deaner Album is out 10/21 via ATO.