Prophets Of Rage Prison Concert Blocked At The Last Minute

Prophets Of Rage were scheduled to perform for 800 inmates at Norco Prison in California last night, but the show was cancelled last minute. Tom Morello told CBS Los Angeles that they were not permitted inside the prison after some right-wingers threatened to rebel. Here’s what he said:

We were denied at the last minute because apparently they got some calls from right-wing nuts in Sacramento who said they were going to foment rebellion… What we meant to do is come here to play a great show.

The concert was organized by the nonprofit Jail Guitar Doors, a music program that seeks to provide inmates with instruments and music classes in an effort to rehabilitate them. The organization’s director Wayne Kramer told CBS that the right-wing callers “didn’t want to see good things happen for what they consider to be bad people, when in truth, they’re just people.”