Watch Another Video Of Justin Vernon’s High School Band

Last month, the internet gave us a fascinating gift: A video of Mount Vernon, Bon Iver mastermind Justin Vernon’s high school band, winning a 1998 Battle Of The Bands. Their sound could more or less be described as “jammy ska.” It was pretty funny. And now we get another, similar gift. As Pitchfork points out, the same YouTube uploader has now shared a 97-minute video of Mount Vernon playing at Westgate Sportsman’s Club in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on Valentine’s Day 1999. It’s the record release party for Mount Vernon’s album We Can Look Up, the first LP that Vernon ever released. The huge band features Phil Cook, Brad Cook, and Joe Westerlund, all of whom would go on to play in DeYarmond Edison and then to form Megafaun. In this video, the video and sound quality are both pretty bad, but it’s another fascinating document of Vernon’s origins. You can watch the non-embeddable video here.