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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

I’m on vacation this week. And yet I’m still taking time away from throwing my kids into waves so that I can watch way too many music videos, including that endless Massive Attack one where it’s just Cate Blanchett’s face morphing for 52 years. Never say I don’t do anything for you, and check out this week’s picks below.

5. Blackpink – “Whistle” (Dir. Seo Hyeon-seung)

The sonic masterminds behind K-pop have finally discovered the glories of mid-’00s snap music. And naturally, they’ve illustrated it with images of bodies twirling in midair, of Hummers covered in fake snow, and of welded-together Super Nintendo controllers.

4. Cass McCombs – “Medusa’s Outhouse” (NSFW) (Dir. Aaron Brown)

Aaron Brown gets a shoutout for finding beauty in the workaday perversity of a porn shoot. And you, fellow scumbag, get a shout out for recognizing at least two of these porn stars without the benefit of the end credits.

3. Towkio – “Playin’ Fair” (Feat. Joey Purp) (Dir. Todd Burr)

Sometimes, a song just has so much energy that the best thing a director can do is get out of its way and avoid fucking up. That’s what Todd Burr did here, and as an added bonus, he also found plenty of time to shoot Joey Purp’s teeth. This was the right decision.

2. Rae Sremmurd – “Set The Roof” (Feat. Lil Jon) (Dir. Grant Singer)

These guys made what would’ve been a completely generic hedonist-rap video. And then they threw a drunk xenomorph into it, and it became something else entirely. The “based on real events” tag at the beginning just kills me.

1. Skrillex & Rick Ross – “Purple Lamborghini” (Dir. Colin Tilley)

Behold: The awe-inspiring power of transcendent stupidity.