Ka – “Just” Video

Over the weekend, the great Brooklyn rapper/producer Ka, a DIY one-man factory of hazy and meditative New York rap, released his new album Honor Killed The Samurai, and it is a powerful follow-up to his stunning 2013 solo album The Night’s Gambit, as well as last year’s collaborative affair Days With Dr. Yen Lo. Ka also shared a video for the album highlight “Just.” Whereas Ka has usually directed his own noirish videos, for this one, he enlisted the help of animator Kyle Samuels. The new video tells the story of a street-corner samurai who, after a series of misfortunes, come face-to-face with a version of his younger self. Below, watch the video and, more importantly, use Spotify to stream the entire album.

Honor Killed The Samurai is out now on Ka’s own Iron Works label.

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