Anthony And The Mountain – “Raygun”

Anthony And The Mountain is the project of queer Utica, NY-based musician Anthony Bianco. They’ve been putting out music since since 2011, and their next full-length (and first billed as And The Mountain), called I Felt Tall And Full Of Blood, is their most extravagant and fully-realized yet, lending a glossy sheen to the subdued electro-pop that they were making before. “Raygun,” the album’s lead single, is a wriggling and theatrical come-on that sees Bianco begging for destruction or devotion, whatever comes first and easiest. “Come and lay one on my metal lips,” they goad. But the infatuation comes attached to a warning: “Switch my raygun to live and lethal, come on/ Cause I’m telling ya, oh baby, I’m crazy.” The pulsating, futuristic beats that Bianco creates prove to be a perfect match for songs that are about learning to feel comfortable in a body that often feels alien, and “Raygun” transcends by being so blissfully unique and earnest. Listen below.

01 “Thrones”
02 “Sick Of You”
03 “Raygun”
04 “Sugar And Smoke”
05 “Pleasure Zone”
06 “The Neon Wheel”
07 “The Melt”
08 “Enormous Marble Stairwell”

I Felt Tall And Full Of Blood is out 9/23 via Newlywed Records. Pre-order it here.