Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Play Drums On Subway Platform For Some Reason

When you’re waiting for your train, the worst buskers are almost always the drummers, if only because you can’t hear whatever’s on your headphones if you’re anywhere near those fuckers banging away. And recently, for some reason having to do with the “Everyday, Spectacular” project, the movie star Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined their ranks. In a new video, we see a nattily dressed JGL sitting down to knock out a quick drum solo on a well-lit subway platform in what I’m pretty sure is Washington, DC. JGL turns out to be a pretty good drummer and also a good sport when someone heckles him for looking like Pee Wee Herman. Still, don’t do this. Don’t play drums on a subway platform. Watch the video below, via Consequence Of Sound.

JGL has previously pulled cornball moves like covering Nirvana in Seattle and acting in 500 Days Of Summer so you probably shouldn’t be surprised by this.