Shaun White Sued By Ex-Bandmate For Sexual Harassment

Shaun White Sued By Ex-Bandmate For Sexual Harassment

Remember when former Olympic/X-Games snowboarder Shaun White formed the quintet Bad Things in 2008? According to TMZ, the sole woman in the band, Lena Zawaideh, sued White for sexual harassment this past May.

Today, she’s come forth with more details on how she was treated during her tenure with the band before she was fired at the end of their 2014 tour. Zawaideh claims that White had a “darker, misogynistic personality” that he only showed her. In newly filed court documents, she claims he sent her explicit images of “engorged and erect penises” and made her watch disgusting sex videos including one in which a couple killed a bear and then had sex on top of it and a hardcore porn video entitled Church Of Fudge which involved “a priest, a nun and fecal matter.”

In addition to the videos, she also claims White personally stuck his hand down his pants and then “stuck his hands in her face trying to make her smell them,” tried to kiss her at a Halloween Party in 2010, and ordered her to wear sexually provocative outfits and cut her hair for band performances.

Zawaideh is also suing for non-payment on her contract along with damages for the sexual harassment. She’s submitted this statement and the screenshots of texts TMZ obtained below along with her claim:

I am pursuing this case because women should not have to tolerate harassment at work. Shaun White should not be allowed to do whatever he wants just because he is famous. Although I am embarrassed to have been treated this way, I cannot sit by and watch him do this to other women.


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