De La Soul – “Greyhounds” (Feat. Usher)

10 or 15 years ago, it would’ve been very strange to imagine that we’d ever hear slick R&B superstar Usher on a song with wearily playful rap weirdos De La Soul. But they’re all elder statesmen now, and elder statesmanship has a way of bringing people together. De La are getting ready to release the Kickstarter-funded comeback album And The Anonymous Nobody, and we’ve already posted their songs “Trainwreck,” “Action!,” “Royalty Capes,” and “Drawn.” Today, they’ve shared “Greyhounds,” a lush and bittersweet story-song with Usher on the hook. They sound oddly great together — completely comfortable on a song like this, as if they’ve been waiting to make a song like this for a long time. Listen to it below.

And The Anonymous Nobody is out 8/26. Pre-order it here.

Tags: De La Soul, Usher