Dendritic Arbor – “Ishi”

For a hot minute there, it seemed like Dendritic Arbor were likely to become perennials in our Black Market column alongside the likes of Jute Gyte and Damian Master’s many projects, cranking out short chunks of frightening and compelling blackened grindcore every few months. This rapid-fire release schedule was a deliberate tactical choice on the band’s part, designed to render their imposing style more digestible (as per this 2015 interview), and it promised a steady stream of new material from one of underground metal’s more outré and engaging young bands.

Unfortunately, the spring is about to run dry, at least for a while. The band announced late last month that half their lineup has split, forcing the remaining members into a hiatus. As such, “Ishi,” which we’re premiering here today, is likely to be the last new Dendritic Arbor song we’ll hear for some time. (The split with Infinite Waste it appears on also features the previously released “Snake Oil” and a noise track.) The good news is that this tune showcases the band at their most dynamic, opening with a surprisingly consonant bass-driven passage before tearing off into a characteristic vortex of reverby mayhem. Listen to “Ishi” and “Snake Oil” below.

Dendritic Arbor / Infinite Waste will be out 8/26 via Gloom Pit.