Cult Of Fire – “Death”

Cult Of Fire – “Death”

Cult Of Fire put out one of the best black metal albums of 2013, one that has been both remembered and perhaps limited in its ability to attract more casual listeners thanks to its name: मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान. That, Google says, is Hindi, and translates as “Ascetic Meditations Of Death.” On that album, the band from the Czech Republic that performs live in creepy elaborate hooded robes convincingly conjured dark magic from the Indian Subcontinent. Their new song, “Death,” is something different, though Cult Of Fire are just as dense and intricate and awesome as ever, and they still look to India for thematic inspiration. The song begins with a maniacal and cavernous blast, but the buzzing war horns that trumpet with intimidating imperial pomposity also betray a more contemplative and mournful side. Soon, “Death” pulls back to a vast, gorgeous, jangling expanse, where bells toll and spirits soar. Note that magical electric flourish when the song kicks back into a higher gear, and hold on for a powerful, sweeping ride. Listen.

“Death” is from an upcoming EP titled Life, Sex, Death, that is out 9/15 on Beyond Eyes.

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