Hear A Screwed-Up Version Of Mitski’s “Your Best American Girl”

We don’t have a whole lot of evidence to base this on, but I have a feeling that very few indie rock songs could work if you applied to them the old DJ Screw technique of slowing them way the fuck down and, in the process, bringing out their latent psychedelic properties. But Miski’s “Your Best American Girl,” if you even want to call it an indie rock song, is not the average indie rock song. I’d argue that it’s the best indie rock song that we’ve heard this year — and that it’s also the best song on Puberty 2, the best indie rock album we’ve heard this year. So while it’s a surprise to see that someone has posted a screwed-up version of “Your Best American Girl” on the internet, it’s not that surprising to learn that the screwed-up version of “Your Best American Girl” sounds fucking incredible. Listen to it below.

Puberty 2 is out now on Dead Oceans, and we here at Stereogum are eagerly anticipating the OG Ron C chopped-not-slopped version.

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