Liam Betson – “Framework/Not Today” Video

Liam Betson’s very good new album Austerity Measures comes out today, and he’s shared a video for “Framework/Not Today” to mark the occasion. (We’ve already heard two early singles from it, “The Comedians” and “Mispronounced.”) In the video, we meet up with Betson at an apartment before following him and his friends through the woods, where they happen upon a snake. Things get a little weirder and more jumbled from there, but just watch below.

Here’s what Betson had to say about the video in a Facebook post:

On July 17th my friends and I were filming footage for this music video in a local park. Down among some rocks and garbage we chanced upon a big ol’ garter snake and, mesmerized its mysterious ways, filmed it till the camera’s battery died. ‘Twas a natural talent, a true star. Later that evening we learned that it had been World Snake Day all along! A magic moment!
Keep an eye out for that crazy snake* in this extraordinary new music video for an extraordinary new song from an extraordinary new album!!!!

*JFYI… If you don’t like snakes, there is actually only about one second’s worth of snake footage in this entire video.

Austerity Measures is out now via Double Double Whammy. Order it on tape here.

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