The Glazzies – “Spies Overhead”

The Glazzies – “Spies Overhead”

Long Island duo the Glazzies are singer-songwriter-guitarist Peter Landi and drummer Dave Horn. They offer fuzzy anthems with earworm hooks and warped psychedelia. They’re set to release their latest full-length effort, Kill Me Kindly, later this fall. An early taste of the album is “Spies Overhead.” It’s a grunge-leaning jam with dense, rhythmic power chords soaked in distortion and quick-hitting, intricate drums surrounding the infectious repeated refrain “Maybe you are fake.” Landi questions what we know about ourselves and the world as we know with lines like, “Why does the road quake/ Every time you turn on/ A robot face/ Behind the one you saw,” cutting through the density of the surrounding buzz. Here’s what Landi had to say about the track:

“Spies Overhead” is one of our favorite tracks on the new record. That song came along really quickly in the writing process and it is also a favorite to play live. When I first came up with the guitar part, the phrase “Spies Overhead” came to mind and I loved the imagery that came along with it. Cold War, government espionage, extraterrestrials. I just thought it was cool!


Kill Me Kindly is out 9/16 on Old Flame Records. Pre-order it on vinyl here.

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