Santigold – “Banshee” Video

Santigold released 99¢ just before spring hit, and it’s a bouncy, feel-good album that was perfect for the breeziest time of year. Her last single before the drop, “Banshee,” is fun but darkly shaded, and today she’s come with a visual accompaniment for the song that matches that duality. The clip, directed by artists Kara Walker and Ari Marcopoulos, opens with Santigold sitting cross-legged on the sidewalk holding a “Will work for blood” sign. Creepy. Then a somber but fantastic black paper shadow puppet show takes over, capturing both the buoyant aesthetic of “Banshee” and more sobering lyrics wrestling with overcoming self-doubt and inner conflict. It balances the tension between the two with bright, rich hues, and a great play of light and shadow. Watch.

99¢ is out now.