Puddle Of Mudd Singer Draws Bomb Squad With Homemade Car Alarm

Puddle Of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin caused quite the stir on a West Hollywood street when he rigged his car to look like a bomb. According to TMZ, police say Scantlin sought to protect his car after it was broken into multiple times on the same WeHo street, but he concocted quite an elaborate scheme to do so. He placed a radio under one car with wires leading to the motor, and used a second car running wires from a door to the gas tank. Instead of just warding off would be thieves, he scared the shit out of his neighbors, and they called the police. The bomb squad evacuated four of the surrounding buildings on the block before declaring Scantlin’s rig a non-threat. He wasn’t charged with a crime (for once), but apparently he received a stern talking to from the police. Someone should tell him about how far Lo Jack has come over the years.