Vince Staples – “’06” (Full Version)

Last year, Vince Staples ended his great double album Summertime ’06 with “’06,” a deeply funky rap song that ended suddenly, after 48 seconds, with a burst of static. This was a very Vince Staples move: sacrificing a very good song just for the effect of jarring his audience, coming up with the most abrupt album ending possible. On Friday, Staples will release his new EP Prima Donna, our current reigning Album Of The Week, and he hasn’t shared any of its tracks yet. But before the album comes out, he’s shared the full-song version of “’06″; it’s this week’s selection in the Adult Swim Singles Section. You will not be surprised to learn that it would’ve been an album highlight if he’d left it unmolested. Stream or download the full version here.