Jack Grace – “All Lost”

Aussie Jack Grace seamlessly sews genres together that you probably would never mention in the same sentence or even an entire longform piece. Grace melds ’90s trip hop, footwork, gospel, and dubstep and regales them with evocative tales lifted by those unorthodox, incongruous sounds. He began making music in his bedroom and then expanded his repertoire, studying piano and writing and producing music for other artists before going solo. His debut EP is due before the year is out, and an early taste of things to come is “All Lost.”

It’s a dense jam with a classic break beat-like drum pattern, low, burrowing piano, and cinematic sweeps lifting his smooth, nonchalant tenor and easy melody. He wrestles with newfound feelings of love, and is engagingly raw in sharing his attempts to hide his vulnerability. Grace sings, “If I leave without goodbyes/ It’s ’cause I love you/ If it seems like I don’t care it’s ’cause I love you/ And I don’t want to,” but he does it in a way that doesn’t make him seem like the stereotypical guy that can’t process or communicate his feelings. Ultimately, he draws you in to the inward tension he’s coming to terms with beautifully. Listen.

Grace’s debut EP is out later this year.


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