Watch Abi Reimold Play New Song “Stars”

Artist To Watch Abi Reimold’s debut full-length Wriggling is one of the best albums of the year so far, and it makes me happy to hear that the Philly-based musician has already made a lot of progress on its follow-up. “I have a lot of full band arrangements on the record, but I wrote many of the songs with a loop pedal,” she explains over e-mail. “Although I’m excited about how the recordings are turning out, I think that the truest and most honest form of these songs is just me playing them by myself with my looper.”

The release of her new album is still a ways out, but Reimold has been playing some of the material at her shows, including a new track called “Stars.” On her summertime tour with Emily Yacina, she played a basement show at Harrisburg, PA’s The Treehouse, and was filmed performing the track by Josh Nesmith and Brian Firestone. The resulting video is as haunting and intimate as the song itself, which is about the perilousness of giving yourself over to a crush and the anxiety that comes from wondering how much a relationship is just playing pretend. “Baby, we could be a picture/ We could be a movie scene/ But will I wake up one morning and find that girl was never me?” That last question is refracted through Reimold’s loops, morphing into “she was never me.” Watch and listen below.