The Raveonettes – “A Good Fight”

The Raveonettes are steady on their song-a-month quest for their RAVE-SOUND-OF-THE-MONTH project leading to the release of their new “anti-album.” It seems the disjointed, piecemeal nature of their release strategy has given them some freedom to make an extremely varied body of work. They’re disinterested in creating a cohesive collection of songs with any kind of predictable arc, and it’s yielded some far-flung results. Their last single “Where Are You Wild Horses Tonight” melded ’70s singer-songwriter sensibilities and a trip-hop-leaning drum pattern. Their latest single, “A Good Fight” features an “Unchained Melody”-esque piano progression and distorted guitars taking turns driving the track. The energy ramps up and dissipates beautifully with a great control of pace and temperament. Listen.

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