Capital STEEZ – “Herban Legend” Video

Pro Era founder Capital STEEZ took his own life almost four years ago, and since then the collective that he started has paid tribute to him by releasing some of his music posthumously. Their latest offering to his memory is a video for the 2012 Kirk Knight-produced track “Herban Legend,” which charts his legacy within the group in compelling animation. It debuted on stage at STEEZ Day in Los Angeles last month, and now you can watch it below.

Pro Era shared a few words in honor of their late founder:

Our brother, Capital Steez, taught us a lot.
From all that we have learned from him,
we continue to PROgress & reach new heights.
His vision for Pro Era will live on forever through
each and every pro and through our fans.
Gone but NEVER forgotten.
47 til’ Infinity
In honor of the PRO Steez, we PROceed