Rhymefest Gets Mugged In Chicago, Receives Apology For Police Response

Chicago rapper and songwriter Rhymefest, born Che Smith, was robbed at gunpoint on the South Side yesterday morning, The Chicago Tribune reports. According to the police report, a young man jumped into his parked car at approximately 7:35AM, pointed a gun at his head, and demanded his wallet. After he complied, the perp fled on foot and Rhymefest drove to a police station near his home to file a report.

Rhymefest took to Twitter to detail the incident and call for the robber to get in touch, apologize, and “talk to me like a brother.” He also tweeted out a video taken at the police station captioned “You wonder why we don’t report crimes? The police treated me disgustingly,” which shows a tense exchange between the rapper and several police officers. “We are disappointed with what we’ve seen and how Mr. Smith was treated, and the chief of patrol called him personally to apologize on behalf of the department,” says Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. “And Superintendent Johnson has directed the chief of patrol to ensure this matter is addressed today with the district.” Find Rhymefest’s tweets below.

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