Watch James Corden Add Himself To Kanye’s “Fade” Video, Stephen Colbert Parody Beyoncé’s VMA Performance

The VMAs were on Sunday night, which means last night is the night the inevitable VMA parodies hit late-night television. Kanye West, of course, took the opportunity to debut his video for “Fade,” in which an oiled-up Teyana Taylor dances impressively around an old-school gym. On his show last night, James Corden, who has a history of putting himself into videos, Forrest Gumped his way into the footage, playing a fellow gym patron who kept getting distracted from his workout:

Meanwhile, for his Late Show cold open, Stephen Colbert imagined himself as a part of Beyoncé’s show-stopping VMA performance, and here’s that:

Are the VMAs still a big enough deal to warrant multiple late-night TV parodies? If so, I’m impressed.