Personal Space – “Offering”

Personal Space – “Offering”

Waiting around on another person to change into someone that they’re not is a process predicated on false promises and false hopes. Personal Space’s new single “Offering” takes place in that waiting period, the emotional push-and-pull of observing how a friend has transformed into something you can hardly recognizing but holding out hope for a realignment anyway. “It just seems unreal what you’ve become/ You’ve developed some strange views/ A day-to-day with no consequence,” they muse over sturdy and idiosyncratic psychedelia. “In spite of me, I’m waiting here for you,” letting the floodgates open just a little. “Offering” comes from Ecstatic Burbs, the Brooklyn-based band’s upcoming debut full-length, which follows their 2014 EP The Early Universe Was Entirely Opaque. Listen below.

01 “An Evening With… (Mr. Brontosaurus)”
02 “Offering”
03 “Lad”
04 “A Weekend With… (The Horse Head)”
05 “Old Me”
06 “Beta”
07 “Ecstatic World”
08 “Ghost World”

Ecstatic Burbs is out 10/14 via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Sasha Turrentine

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