Strange Ranger (FKA Sioux Falls) – “Sunbeams Through Your Head”

Earlier this year, the band formerly known as Sioux Falls released Rot Forever, their ambitious debut album that took the past 35 years of rock and distilled it down into 73 minutes of weary introspection. This past summer, the Portland-based group announced that they were changing their name due to its problematic implications; they also pared down from a four-piece to the original twosome made up of Issac Eiger and Fred Nixon that was formed back in Montana. For their new EP as Strange Ranger, they recruited Mac Pogue to record and play drums, and expanded to a larger sonic palette that makes a listless, sagging song like title track “Sunbeams Through Your Head” sound right at home. Eiger’s voice is stretched to a pinched-out wail and backed by twinkling plucks as he intones: “Keep me in my head/ I don’t want to know/ You hate all your friends/ They already know.” Listen below.


01 “Sunbeams Through Your Head”
02 “Life Would Be Cooler”
03 “Dolph”
04 “Whatever You Say”
05 “Thru Your Head”
06 “oh oh oh oh”

The Sunbeams Through Your Head EP is out 9/13.