Watch YG Perform With Kamaiyah & Trash Talk, Introduce His New Scrabble Game On Kimmel

YG has already given us one of the best rap albums of the year in Still Brazy, and now he’s showing off his comedy chops, too. Last night, YG was the musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which meant he got to play a big hometown show on Kimmel’s outdoor festival stage. With Trash Talk playing behind him — commendably playing YG’s tracks straight and not turning them into hardcore — YG did the Still Brazy single “Why You Always Hatin’?,” with Kamaiyah, clutching a champagne flute and making her TV debut, coming out to do the hook. YG transitioned from that into “Still Brazy,” with a whole horde of his friends invading the stage. And on the show itself, YG also did the comedy-bit thing, holding down an endearingly dumb sketch about a version of Scrabble that only features the letters Y and G. This sketch would have been an absolute fucking disaster if YG hadn’t found a way to sell it. But he’s pretty funny! He makes it work! Watch the sketch below.

You can see the performance here; it starts around the 36-minute mark. Still Brazy is out now on Def Jam.