Rihanna Dressed Up Like A Giant Fur Heart And Fed Pigeons In NYC

Rihanna, who is very good at being a weird famous person, spent her Sunday walking around Manhattan alone, throwing food to pigeons while wearing a gigantic red fur cape that looks like a heart. According to The Daily Mail, that fox fur cape comes from Saint Laurent, and it retails for $15,500. She also wore a baseball hat with the logo of Bathory, the Swedish ’80s extreme metal band, and god only knows how much that cost. There is exactly one person on the planet who could’ve pulled this look off, so don’t go running out and selling your car so you can afford to buy that cape. Observe:

Tabloids are interpreting this as some sort of comment on Rihanna’s relationship with Drake, but I say that we should just let a lady wear a giant ridiculous heart and not worry about its meaning.

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