Drake Is Opening A Strip Club In Houston

Drake Is Opening A Strip Club In Houston

Drake is a busy human being whose non-music/non-clothing line ventures already include a Toronto restaurant. And at a pop-up party at Houston’s Toyota Center last night, Drake announced that he’d be opening a new business in H-Town. Drake has unveiled plans to open the Ballet, a new club. And as HighSnobiety reports, he said this about it during last night’s party:

There’s a culture out there of dancing and it’s not about no strip club shit. It’s about these amazing women that we’ve got in one spot, the music that we’ve got, and the Houston culture that we got. I just wanna let you know that I’m going to bring it to you in the most honest and genuine way possible.

Drake is, of course, lying. This is definitely about some strip club shit. Drake is famously a huge fan of Houston’s strip clubs, and we can probably expect him to be like Norm from Cheers in his own club. Here’s video of him making the announcement:

And here’s Drake’s Instagram teaser:

I honestly can’t imagine a more pretentious name for a strip club than “The Ballet.” If you can come up with one, please leave it in the comments section.

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