Popcaan – “Money Mi Want”

Dancehall purveyor Popcaan was putting out one or two songs a month earlier this year, but he’s been on a mini-hiatus since getting into trouble with Antigua police back in May. We haven’t heard from him since he shared “High All Day” shortly after his arrest, and it’s still not clear whether any of these singles will end up on album. But today, he comes with another one-off in “Money Mi Want.” It’s a bouncy jam full of aspiration. Popcaan begins with “Mi no want to see my Daddy poor/ Mi no want to see my mother cry,” and then goes on to list exactly what having some financial comfort will afford him. It’s not all as noble as the first two lines, but money makes the world go ’round, and Popcaan wants his piece while it spins. Listen.

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