Mitski Breaks Down “Your Best American Girl” On Song Exploder

Mitski’s Puberty 2 single “Your Best American Girl” might be the single best indie rock song we’ve heard this year, so it’s a treat to see that Mitski has appeared on the Song Exploder podcast to discuss how she wrote and put together the song. On Song Exploder, musicians pick a single song, going into deep detail about their process. And on her episode, Mitski talks a lot about the feelings that went into the song, about how it’s about the cultural differences that can ruin a relationship. And we also get to hear the minute, isolated details in the song, like Mitski’s voice or her guitar line. Producer Patrick Hyland also chips in to talk about its construction. It’s great to hear all these little details that went into such a powerful piece of music, and then it’s even better to hear the end result at the end. Check out the episode below.

Puberty 2 is out now on Dead Oceans.