PLAYGROUP – “Little Things”

Acclaimed London-based designer, producer, and creative director Trevor Jackson has returned to his project PLAYGROUP, which formed in 2001, for the long-awaited release of 30 new tracks. Over the span of nine weeks Jackson has released his new music via nine limited edition vinyl EPs. Concluding the vinyl-a-week scheme, which began 7/22, “Little Things” is the A-side for the final EP, featuring Output Recordings pupil Four Tet on guitar. It’s easy to get lost among “Little Things,” as the 11 minutes feel like an ethereal wormhole — spacious, immense, and ever-changing. Jackson gives an in-depth explanation of the series:

Inspired by the hedonistic early days of house, disco, post punk, electro and dub, these tracks reflect a unique moment in time. The emergence of underground club culture in New York, London, Chicago, Paris and Northern Italy was driven by pioneering DJs playing a wildly diverse soundtrack to a passionate, dance driven and open minded audience. It was a sensory overload of chemicals, bass, smoke, sweat, sex and danger; a testament to the non-air conditioned, non-i-Phone infested and non- corporate clubbing days of yore.

And here’s some background on “Little Things” in particular:

I started writing demos for what eventually became the playgroup album at the start of 1997, after an extensive period producing recording and remixing dark hip hop based tracks as the underdog I consciously wanted to move in a different direction combining influences from my youth along with inspirations from the foundations of club music that were barely written about seriously in the mainstream media at the time (80’s electro pop, no wave, cosmic disco, ron hardy etc)

The final album released via Virgin subsidiary SOURCE consisted of 13 tracks but I’d recorded many more that didn’t fit in sonically or time wise. During recording I was still running my output recordings label working with many super talented artists and wanted to feature some of them on a track, ‘Little things’ was recorded at my home studio with the help of Ben Cowan on keyboards (member of the band 7 hurtz) along with members of the band Fridge, Keiran Hebden being one of them added guitar. The track was originally supposed to be the last track on the album but it got pushed aside for a last minute paul simon cover I recorded of 50 ways to leave your lover with legendary Jamaican mc Shinehead, I totally forgot about it till digging through my archives last year, it felt perfect to be part of the final previously unreleased EP.

Listen below.

EP 9 is out 9/16 via Yes Wave.