Disney Blog Goes Behind The Scenes Of Strained Daft Punk TRON Courtship

Before Random Access Memories, Daft Punk composed the score for TRON: Legacy, an appropriate pairing for the famously helmeted duo. A new article on Oh My Disney delves into the behind-the-scenes drama of how the score came about, and it turns out that it wasn’t easy to convince the reclusive Frenchmen to tie their name to a big-budget motion picture. According to the article, it took them many months to commit, but once they did they were fully on board. They had their own studio built at the Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles, and went to work for 19 months.

“I’d never built a studio for a composer prior to that or since,” Mitchell Leib (President, Music and Soundtracks for Walt Disney Records) said in the article. “I’ve never had artists commit to the project and work on nothing else for 19 months. I’ve never dealt with artists who wear robot suits and don’t speak in public. It was interesting, different, unique, through and through. I’m so satisfied with the journey, as well as the outcome. And I’m a lucky guy for the privilege.”

The article also sheds some light on the duo’s dropped collaboration with Jay-Z, “Computerized,” which was originally recorded for the TRON: Legacy soundtrack but was shelved and wouldn’t make its way to the public until it was leaked in 2014. Leib said that he “tortured” Daft Punk to come up with a single for the score, and then helped set up a meeting between Jay Z and Daft Punk, which resulted in “Computerized.” The song never made it into the movie, however, and plans for the duo and Jay Z to perform it at the movie’s Hollywood premiere fell through.

You can read the full story here.

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