Good Guy Chance The Rapper Takes Tickets Back From Scalpers

Chance The Rapper continues his streak of doing no wrong. Aside from hijacking stage time at every festival known to man, and hitting every TV show with a stage for musical acts, he’s just been a genuinely good dude. Chano already gave out albums for free, and made boyfriends everywhere look bad with his #sogonechallenge verse.

Today he bought back almost 2000 scalper tickets for his sold-out Magnificent Coloring Day festival in Chicago. Re-sellers were setting high prices for the tickets online, and he took it upon himself to buy floor-seat tickets back from them and make them available on his website for $45 or $75 – way cheaper than the upwards of $200 they were going for.

Chance announced his buy-back and resale via his Twitter account.

The tickets Chance reclaimed sold out again with the quickness. Chance bills the fest as “first ever music festival at U.S. Cellular Field on Chicago’s Southside,” and it features headlining acts like John Legend, Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne, and of course Chance himself.

Historic indeed.