Future – “How It Feel” (Prod. Mike WiLL Made It)

When your ex-fiancee is suing you for libel and slander to the tune of $15 million, dropping a scathing diss track about her is probably not the best move. But that doesn’t seem to be stopping Future, who’s just recorded a track with Mike WiLL Made It that’s very bitter and very directed at Ciara. This is the closing passage to “How It Feel,” which references the fact that “Body Party,” Ciara’s song produced by Future and Mike WiLL Made It, topped the urban radio charts in 2013:

I made you, bitch
Bitch you was never for me
I gave you fame on the ‘gram
I put you back on the charts
I got your number one spot
Fuck all you bitches I buy you all
Fuck all you bitches, you shit to me
Fuck all you bitches you know young Future
Me and young Mike here wrote history
We got you bitches some hits
We told your bitch you the shit
I got your bitch a number one
Then I gave that bitch the dick
Fuck all you hoes on a hoe
I gave a bitch to another nigga
I go and get me another bitch
I go and buy me another car
I go and buy me another house
I go and get me some better mouth
I go and buy me some better mouth.

Oof. Hear that below via MissInfo.