The Men – “Lion’s Den”

The Men – “Lion’s Den”

Brooklyn-based noise rockers the Men put out an album a year in the span between their 2010 debut and 2014’s Tomorrow’s Hits. After taking last year off (though members Mark Perro and Nick Chiericozzi did put out an LP as Dream Police), they’re back with a new album called Devil Music. Tomorrow’s Hits was the band’s first album recorded in a high-end studio, but they’re back to their scuzzy roots this time around: Devil Music was recorded to tape in a practice space, and lead single “Lion’s Den” marks a return to the messy, boisterous sound of their earlier work. Listen via Noisey below.

01 “Dreamer”
02 “Crime”
03 “Ridin’ On”
04 “Lion’s Den”
05 “Patterns”
06 “Violate”
07 “Hit The Ground”
08 “Devil Music”
09 “Gun”
10 “Fire”

Devil Music is out 11/11 via We Are The Men Records.

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