Stream MADEIRA Bad Humors EP

Kim Pflaum was a founding member of Yumi Zouma, and her work as MADEIRA taps into similar light-as-air vibes. But Bad Humors, the EP Pflaum recorded after leaving Yumi Zouma and moving to Auckland, presents its own distinct brand of ’80s-indebted electronic pop, one that marks MADEIRA as a project worthy of your immediate attention.

The title refers to the ancient medical practice of bloodletting, a process intended to flush negative sensations out of the body via bleeding. And indeed, Pflaum says this music is an attempt to process and let go of painful experiences — to “find a way to get my heart fixed,” as she sings on “Oracle/Horoscope.” Despite the music’s wistful undercurrent, these are uptempo songs that exists on the temporal plane, facing raw human emotions head-on rather than disappearing into the clouds. The production is lush and expansive, powered by the rhythm section but always speckled by seaside mist. It’s a rewarding listen, so stream immerse yourself in it below.

Bad Humors is out 9/23 on Carpark. Pre-order it from iTunes or the label.