Tupac Pop-Up Café Commemorates 20th Anniversary Of His Death Today

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s death. And while the deaths of public figures usually don’t leave opportunities for crass marketing opportunities, someone is using today for one. Before he died, Shakur had planned to open a restaurant called Powamekka Café. And today a version of that restaurant will be open for one day only in downtown Fresno, California.

As The Business Journal reports, Fresno Grizzlies Marketing Director Sam Hansen (who once helped design merch for Kanye West) has teamed up with the Fresno restaurant Take 3 Burgers to transform it, for one day only, into Powamekka Café. Shakur left behind sketches for the Powamekka logo and menu ideas, and Hansen says he used those to put together the pop-up restaurant. He also worked with Take 3 to put together a new menu, which includes things like the California Love chicken sandwich and Thug Love cake pops.

Talking to The Business Journal, Hansen says, “Working on Powamekka Café makes me feel like I’m bringing Pac’s vision to life like I used to do for Kanye.”

20 years later… #powamekkacafe

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#powamekkacafe Tuesday September 13th

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I guess we all find our own ways to honor the dead.

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