Dancing With The Stars Made Vanilla Ice Cha Cha To “Ice Ice Baby”

Vanilla Ice has long been willing to abase himself on stage and screen, and it’s not really too much of a surprise that he’s a contestant on this season of Dancing With The Stars. After all, he came up in an era when being good at dancing was more of a prerequisite for rap stardom than being good at rapping. Still, Vanilla seemed surprised and humiliated when he learned that he’d have to dance to his own sole hit “Ice Ice Baby” on the show’s season premiere last night. (If he goes deep into the competition, I hope he sticks with his own songbook. I want to see him dancing to “Ninja Rap,” to “Stop That Train,” to “Havin’ A Roni,” to the nü metal version of “Ice Ice Baby.”) Ice gamely cha cha’ed his way through a schticky take the song, and you can watch the video below.

On the same episode, as ABC reports, police arrested two protesters who rushed the stage when fellow contestant Ryan Lochte was on.

This is a positive show.