Mykki Blanco – “My Nene”

Mykki Blanco is set to drop his proper self-titled debut at the end of the week. We’ve already heard bangers “High School Never Ends” and “The Plug Won’t” as well as the vulnerable “Loner.” The previous singles have taken a bit of Blanco’s edge off, but today, he offers more of the Mykki of old with “My Nene.” He spits braggadocios bars about his sexual prowess and gender fluidity over a menacing yet zany and playful beat with deep-digging synth bass balanced by xylophone drags and bouncy percussion. Here’s what he told The Fader about the track:

“My Nene” is one of those songs where I get to play with gender roles. As a queer artist, sometimes on a certain song I on purpose want to play with universal things. I on purpose want to make sure that I use wording that doesn’t gender what I do so that it can have a universal appeal. “My Nene” is one of those songs where I’m using words that could be applied affectionately to a man or a woman, and I’m doing it on purpose. For me I’m definitely talking about a guy, that’s my baby, that’s my nene, but through the wording and through not gendering it, also a straight guy or straight woman could listen to that song and completely identify with it.

Mykki is looking lovely so far. Listen to “My Nene” below.

Mykki is out 9/16 on !K7 Records. Pre-order it here.

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