BREAKING: Judge Rules Sean Lennon Must Remove Tree Annoying Marisa Tomei’s Parents

Last year, Sean Lennon was sued for $10 million by his neighbors, Marisa Tomei’s parents, over a tree that was causing damage to their front porch and the foundation of their home in the West Village. Now, as New York Daily News reports, a judge has ordered Lennon to remove the 70-year-old tree “as immediately as practicable.”

The back-and-forth between Lennon and the Tomei clan has been playing out over the past year. This summer, Lennon proposed that he’d pay for and fix the damage to the Tomei property, but that he still didn’t want to cut down the tree. Then, the Tomeis were fined by the city for the broken stoop that was a result of the tree. Today, a judge ruled that “the tree qualifies as a nuisance under the law and permanently barred Lennon from taking measures to try and save the tree.” Both parties will be back in court next month to figure out damages.

Look at the offending tree above.

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