Soul Clap – “Numb” (Feat. Ebony Houston)

The Boston-bred duo of Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine are Soul Clap. They make an eclectic brand of electronica, borrowing and melding inspiration from several genres. One of the styles they are most indebted to is funk, and specifically P-Funk, after working with George Clinton on Funkadelic’s 2015 single “In Da Kar.” They’re set to drop their self-titled sophomore outing later this fall, which builds upon their first funk-infused body of work EFUNK. Here’s what Levine had to say about the album:

It digs deep into our funky souls and turns our wildest dreams into sound. If EFUNK was an attempt to create a blueprint using our past inspirations, then “Soul Clap” is the beautiful skyscraper, standing tall as it looks to the future.”

An early taste of the album comes with the Ebony Houston-assisted “Numb.” It’s a synth-soaked romp, with clever, variant percussion breaking up the layers of sustained synths and shimmering, playful sweeps. Houston’s vocals cut through with some sneakily penetrating sentiments about looking back at the honeymoon phase of long relationship. Space opens for her on the line, “Too many notions about what we used to be/ And not enough of what we’ve become,” and then it hits an infectious crescendo for the simple but evocative question on the repeated refrain “Did I go numb?” You’ll certainly be moving, but you might find yourself moved as well. Listen.

Album art:


01 “The Hourchild Introduces”
02 “Future 4 Love” feat. Nick Monaco & BIlly “Bass” Nelson
03 “Synthesizer Girlfriend” feat. Ntem & HazMat Talkbox
04 “F#@k Sorrow”
05 “Shine (This Is It)” feat. Nona Hendryx
06 “Numb” feat. Ebony Houston
07 “Dirty Leslie” feat. Wolf + Lamb
08 “Elevation” feat. Dayonne Rollins, Ricky Tan & Freeky Neek
09 “Timespent” feat. Phill Celeste
10 “B.O.G.”
11 “Funk Bomb” feat. Billy “Bass” Nelson

Tour dates:

09/30 Dublin, Ireland @ District 8
10/01 London, UK @ Fabric
10/06 Oslo, Norway @ Jaeger
10/07 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Chateau Motel
10/09 London, UK @ Village Underground
10/15 Milan, Italy @ Wall
10/20 Amsterdam, The Netherlands @ Disco Dolly
10/22 Amsterdam, The Netherlands @ Wintershuiven
10/28 Chicago, IL @ Smart Bar
10/30 New York, NY @ Output
11/03 Montreal, BC @ Stereo Bar
11/04 Miami, FL @ Electric Pickle
11/05 Washington, DC @ Flash
11/10 Seattle, WA @ Q Nightclub
11/11 Los Angeles, CA @ Los Globos
11/12 Dallas, TX @ It’ll Do Dallas
11/17 Seattle, WA @ Bang Bang
11/18 Calgary, BC @ Habitat Living Sound
11/19 San Francisco, CA @ Public Works
11/23 Detroit, MI @ TV Lounge
11/26 Boston, MA @ Ascend
11/27 Brooklyn, NY @ Output
12/09 Bangkok, Thailand @ Beam
12/10 Tokyo, Japan @ Contract

Soul Clap is out 10/14 on !K7 Records/Crew Love.