Ra Ra Riot Bring “Ghost Under Rocks” To Conan

The “Too Too Too Fast” live vid was cute, but I’m glad to see Ra Ra Riot put the big push behind “Ghost Under Rocks.” Two weeks ago the band set up with maps and rhumb lines for the official vid, and last night they brought it to 30 Rock for their network TV debut. The song nails the indie-in-the-aughts melancholy that oughta score big with The Kids. It’s what HRO would call “meaningful-core” (i.e. an Alexandra Patsavas-type’s wet dream). And it’s the sort of song that might turn up on the new 90210 one day, although I’ll never know because NEVER AGAIN. Besides all that, though, it seems to enjoy the Conan stamp of approval.

Bonus: the RAC remix of Ra Ra Riot’s “Manner To Act” from last year’s RAC Vol. 1:

Ra Ra Ra Riot – “Manner To Act (RAC Mix)” (MP3)

The Rhumb Line is out via Barsuk.

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