Watch Stephen Colbert Help #SaveNelly From Tax Lien

Watch Stephen Colbert Help #SaveNelly From Tax Lien

Despite selling more records than almost any other human being alive, Nelly owes a whole pile of money to the IRS. Earlier this week, TMZ reported that he’s been hit with a $2,412,283 tax lien. And as our friends at SPIN figured out a few days ago, it would take 402,880,500 song streams to pay that off. Last night on the Late Show, Stephen Colbert did his part to help out. Donning Nelly’s trademark Band-Aid, he less-than-confidently rapped a new version of “Hot In Herre” that was full of financial advice. I chortled at the “you can write your clothes off” bit. Watch Colbert’s brave performance below.

A note to Colbert: Nelly is a national treasure, and he deserves better than your “no, it’s not 2001″ jokes.

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