Sargent – “Miracles & Light” Video

Sargent – “Miracles & Light” Video

Gretchen Lieberum has a couple seemingly incongruous sides to her, which she showcases through two different projects. She’s every bit the disco-funk goof in her college band Supersauce — or Princess, her duo with SNL alum Maya Rudolph — but she’s also a serious singer-songwriter with a darkly-shaded energy in her music. The graver part of Lieberum’s artistry manifests as Sargent, and she’s dropping her self-titled debut under that moniker today. Along with the release of the album comes a stirring set of visuals for the single and standout track “Miracles And Light.” Here’s what Lieberum had to say about the track:

The song “Miracles and Light” was partially tracked six years ago and then finished just a few months ago. I had only half of the lyrics written and recorded before putting it aside. In the meantime, I started my other band, Princess, had my second child, and my mom passed away. The song is about pushing through adversity and appreciating how amazing it is that we even exist at all. It’s interesting, the lyrics I had written years ago resonated with me in a whole new way after all I’d been through. And now, I could add to them with even more life experience.

Musically, this song is a great example of how my songwriting partner and producer, Jake Blanton, and I would combine our different sensibilities to create something new. I knew I wanted the second half of the song to open up musically and Jake helped accomplish that by adding many different layers on top of the piano track, creating a powerful and emotional sound.

The video is a dreamy, sci-fi-leaning epic with a young space traveler exploring a new planet after she touches down. Director Kirk Woodward Nelson captures the wandering, fantasy feel of the song perfectly, with lush, sweeping wide shots of the alien landscape and emotive closeups of the young astronaut. Here’s hat Nelson had to say about the clip:

I was inspired by the tone and lyrics of the song; the richness of Gretchen’s voice and purity of the uncluttered musicality. It has a complex emotional undertow that conjured feelings of loss and hope. I imagined myself ‘hurdling through space’ and time, falling to earth, and having the will to explore a new and unfamiliar land, but from the point of view of a child, open with sensitivity and flexibility. I wanted to riff on on Nicolas Roeg’s “the man who fell to earth” but give it my own painterly touch in a way that it would align itself with the purity of the song.



01 “Echo Hill”
02 “Daisies”
03 “Howling The Truth”
04 “Waltz (Foolish Desire)”
05 “You Always Hurt The Ones You Love”
06 “Torn Asunder”
07 “Miracles And Light”
08 “The Truth Reprise”

Live dates:

09/27 New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall
10/15 Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel Cafe

Sargent is out now.

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