Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

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#10  meat | Sep 13th Score:26

thanks miley!

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#9  blochead | Sep 9th Score:26

You’ve made Nicolas sad.

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#7  inthedeadofknight | Sep 12th Score:30

So glad this is getting its due recognition. I ended up listening to the album four times before I made it to the movie Friday night, and I don’t regret it because of how the music fit in the film. Having already heard the music a bit allowed me to focus on the conversations more I think.

About the film itself, I will say that it was well done, particularly how they utilized silence, often after Nick, Warren, or Susie talking about the event. I watched it at a venue that allows alcohol, even still it was so captivating that during those silent moments no one moved or made a noise; the air was sucked out of the room on numerous occasions. It was heart wrenching to see them try and talk about such a traumatic thing, to see someone so good with words admittedly fall short every time he tries to summarize it. Cave says they are connected to the personal catastrophe by a rubber band, in that they can stretch and get away from it for a period of time, but they are always snapped back at some point, and he feels it will always be that way. He wonders aloud about the elasticity of time, and of his existence in each moment as something unique to itself, yet never more significant than any other moment, which is something I’ve struggled with personally day-to-day since I first read Sartre back as a freshman in college, but I digress. I’ve always been astounded by Cave’s ability to make simple thoughts or conversations so poetic and hold so much weight, so hearing him talk about what happened to his family breaks me apart. I’ve never felt more pain and sympathy for a stranger in my life.

The music itself is just about exactly what I expected it to be. The strings, the erratic loops, the perfectly placed piano chords, the somber overtone of it all; we all knew we weren’t going to get anything like “Stagger Lee”, “Loverman”, “Red Right Hand”, “Jack the Ripper”, etc. It flows very well, and I think the length of it is perfect. I am surprised by the amount of hope he managed to squeeze in there, and clearly that all stems from his wife and the love he has for her. In “Rings of Saturn” when he goes from speaking “this is the moment, this is exactly what she was born to be” to singing it, and in “Girl in Amber” when he sings “if you want to bleed, just bleed…”; god damn. The first time I heard the album, after the overwhelming, intense somberness of the first two thirds of it, “I Need You” and “Distant Sky” brought hopeful tears to my eyes, and then when “Skeleton Tree” followed, I lost it. Such a great way to close it out; “I called out, I called out right across the sea, but the echo comes back empty; nothing is for free.”

I don’t have children and at this point in my life I really don’t see myself ever wanting them, and a part of that reason is how paranoid and worried I am about the well being of the people I care for and love. I can’t imagine having to deal with it when it’s multiplied by ten billon for my child, and if something like what happened to Nick Cave happened to me, it would absolutely be the end of me. I wouldn’t survive, and seeing one of my favorite musicians who has had such a gigantic influence on my life go through it is too much as it is. However, I feel lucky that he was brave enough to share.

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#6  Scott Lapatine | Sep 14th Score:31

Don’t forget to complain on Facebook too

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#5  apache slomo | Sep 9th Score:31

Bloc be like …

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J.B. Spaulding | Sep 15th Score:37

“They’re students of everything, from Kanye West’s general “dopeness” to Blink-182’s honest lyrics to Twenty One Pilots’ theatrical shows.”

What the hell is this line, Billboard? “Everything” has never sounded worse.

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#2  YouBeautifulBastard | Sep 9th Score:40

Sadly, I think we hit peak Stereopun a while ago.

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#1  honlads | Sep 14th Score:46

is he a dead gorilla or a dead horse

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#5  ChiliPants | Sep 12th Score:-9

hated the album then, still don’t like it. next.

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#3  ingalls1969 | Sep 14th Score:-11

Does this mean you’re following me now? #trending

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Michael Inscoe | Sep 12th Score:-14

yeah but remove your comments and we won’t have to read your bullshit judgements. That’s my point.

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#1  ingalls1969 | Sep 14th Score:-26

Watch Donald Glover attempt to sing Kiss From a Rose! Watch Mothers Cover Glenn Frey’s The Heat Is On! Watch Fred Armisen and Bill Hader’s Test Pattern Parody Talking Heads on Seth Myers! Watch Father John Misty Do Something Mocking Pop Culture! Watch Stereogum Completely Blow Off the Concept of Original Content and Become the World’s Biggest YouTube Aggregator!

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  Dru | Sep 13th Score:11

Its holding up Kayne’s ego so I’m gonna go with a lot.

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